Monday, November 22, 2010

Plymouth, MA

This past summer when I went to visit my best friend, Bonnie, in Boston, we traveled down to Plymouth on our last day with 2 of her co-workers.

In case you don't know, Plymouth is the sight of the first Thanksgiving.

It is not the first US settlement as many think. It was determined that Jamestown was. Also, it is also now believed that the pilgrims did not actually land in Plymouth, but a little further south on Cape Cod.

They moved up to Plymouth because the land was better for farming.

Plymouth Bay

Of course, the main attraction of Plymouth is The Rock.

No, not Alcatraz! Plymouth Rock

This is not the actual rock(remember they didn;t really land in Plymouth), but a pretty big rock that seemed pretty close.

It is protected 24/7 by a pavillion


and guard.

It is located in Plymouth State Park.

This is the country's smallest state park. It was created solely to protect the rock. That's one serious rock!!!

The pilgrims sailed to America on the Mayflower. Here is a replica.

We ate lobster for lunch. Lobsters that were caught right there in the bay!!! When the Pilgrims came over they thought they were giant bugs.

Bonnie and her friend, Dana had 2 pound lobsters. They were HUGE!!!

I had a seafood bake which was a smaller lobster, clams, and mussles

Next door we found a cupcake place.

I think it would be awesome to visit at Thanksgiving one year. After all, it is the home of America's Thanksgiving!

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