Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pre-Thanksgiving Craziness(UPDATED)

I am very stressed about making dinner tomorrow(and it's only for me and TJ!!), but I went to Topeka today to do my pre-Black Friday shopping. There is no way I would be able to drive there and back on Friday with the earliness so I went today to get stuff only available there.

My first stop was the mall for Hickory Farms for my neighbor. I may go back later in the season for some cheese for us :) Then I went to Hallmark and got TJ's card. After I spent some time trying to find this fabric store which ended up being closed today(note to Fabric Corner -- Thanksgiving is tomorrow, not today). So then I went to Hobbly Lobby and found the fabric I needed there. Then I went to Joann's and found a very simple sewing machine I am going to ask Santa for. Then it was the cupcake shop. I ended with a trip across the river to DQ for a peach Julius.

Then I came back into town, intending to go to Rod's Hallmark for candle tarts since everything is 40% off right now(they are going out of business. Every 2 weeks they add another 10%), but they were closed!!(Note to Rod's -- Thanksgiving is TOMORROW, not today). I guess I will try to go there Friday, but if they are out of the tarts I would rather get it on Friday at the mall. Guess I can get a few Christmas ones at the mall and then supplement with the others.

Next I headed down the road to Dillons. Yikees. Ever go to a grocery store the day before Thanksgiving? Not fun. I found a meat thermometer, but not Martinelli's Sparkling Cider. I found Welch's but that is not the same, plus they were so high and back on the shelf I couldn't reach them!!!!

So then I went to the Commissary (shudder shudder). Luckily, the sparkling ciders were all on the side where you walk in. Huge wall full. I got those and went to the express line(also on that side). Checked out pretty quickly. Was also in line behind one of the kiddos from school.

So now I am at home. Going to make mashed potatoes today, but am procrastinating so the cream cheese will thaw. Also need to run the dishwasher. I need it empty tomorrow so I can just load the pots and pans as I am done. Using fine china for dinner so will have to wash those by hand. I also think I will bake the pie tonight so I don't have to worry about it tomorrow. I also need to do a little more cleaning in the livingroom.

How is everyone else's Thanksgiving coming??

UPDATE: I made the potatoes and they turned out great. Baked the pie. Decided I didn't already have enough to do so I made cookies, too. Ran the dishwasher. Made catfish adobo for dinner. I also got out my china and goldware and the gravy boat and crystal. So far so good.

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