Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Robyn's Guide To Black Friday Part 1 - A History(Updated)

It is just a week and one day away! I am getting really excited. I thought I would share how I prepare and experience Black Friday with you. But first, a little history.

That would be my history. I don't know the exact history of Black Friday. Like when it started. Not sure who the genius was that decided to have great sales the day after Thanksgiving. I guess people decided that was a great day to start their Christmas shopping. Maybe because they had an extra day off of work. Anyway, it is a day that stores traditionally sell so much stuff that their profits exceed what they owe, thus putting their business in the "black" (as opposed to in the "red" which means they still owe). Hence the name "Black Friday".

Anyway, I started participating in Black Friday years and years ago, back in the nineties, when my aunt and uncle were visiting for Thanksgiving. The previous year they visited for Christmas and we got up super early to go to the Stat's sale(I will blog about that another time). Anyway, the first year we did Black Friday we started at Super K-Mart in La Habra, CA. They were supposed to open at 6am, but being a 24 hour store they let us in and line up inside. They were giving away Sesame Street fun kits. We wanted one for fun. I don't remember what we actually bought, if anyhting, but in subsequent years I would score reduced price TV's and a DVD player. Next we headed over to Mervyn's for a free Disney Christmas stocking and then Target for a gift bag. Then we drove all the way down to Irvine and Costa Mesa to shop at South Coast Plaza which was a large and swanky mall. We stopped for breakfast at Spires. Then we headed all the way up to Ontario to check out Ontario Mills. It was a very full day.

After that if I participated in Black Friday it was mostly at Super K for their great electronics deals. When I moved to Florida I did not participate as I had to work on those Fridays. I resurrected the Black Friday fun after I was married and moved to Kansas, but TJ was deployed so I spent Thanksgiving with family in Illinois. I took my teenage cousins and their friend out on Friday morning. We hit Sears first for a $10.00 gift card. Then we went to Khol's. We rounded it out with Michael's and Bath and Body Works. That was my first Black Friday in the freezing cold.

The next year we went to my mom's for Thanksgiving. Since we drove, we had to leave Black Friday morning so no shopping that day!! But, the next year, I was in town so I planned again. I went to Goody's first at 4am for a sheet set(70% off). Then I went next door to Walmart and shopped for stuff I needed before parking myself by the movies that would go on sale at 6am. After getting what I wanted I picked up a floor cleaner and some other stuff. Then it was off to Manhattan to the mall. I got a snowglobe from JCPenney's and a gift card from Sears. I had breakfast at the Food Court and then looked at some of the shops. I think I went home after that.

Stay Tuned for my next post on last year's Black Friday and my shopping strategies.

UPDATE: You can read about the history and some fun facts here...

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