Thursday, November 18, 2010

Robyn's Guide To Black Friday Part 2 -- Strategies

Last year I spent Black Friday in California and started honing my Black Friday Strategies. You can also read about it HERE

First of all, I gathered the sale bills from the Thursday paper that interested me

Then I looked through them and kept the ones with stuff I was interested in

Next, I cut out exactly what I wanted from the ads and taped them to a piece of paper with the name of the store and the time it opened

I then put them in order for the big day.

There are a couple strategies you can employ when deciding which stores to visit and what order. They are
1. Time of opening
2. Proximity to each other
3. Order of things you want.

I employed a mixture of all 3 last year, with emphasis on time of opening, followed by proximity.

The first store I hit was Old Navy at 3am.

Luckily it was right up the street from where I was staying. I got a pair of jeans cheap and some tank tops(I ended up going back later for more). As you can see, although very sleepy still, I was quite pleased with my purchase

Next I headed down to Khol's for some more clothing. They opened at 4am (I went back later for a picture).

They handed out tickets for certain items. Chic-Fil-A came by selling breakfast and giving coupons for a free sandwich at their closest location.

Then I went next door to Sears for a small camcorder

They also opened at 4 am as did JCPenney's which was across the parking lot

I went there for a free snow globe(they were out) and curtains(couldn't find the right ones). I ended up with a pretty sweater.

The next store was Target(in the middle of that shopping center) which opened at 5am

They had a gift card, movies, digital camera, photo frame and portable DVD player. I went back later for another portable DVD player for my cousin. Or maybe it was the other way around.

At 7am Cost Plus opened(next to Target).

I wanted a pethouse/bed combo for Scout. When I went back to California the following Spring I got him another :)

Other stores I hit that day were JoAnn's(2 pack albums), Bed, Bath and Beyond and Burlington Coat Factory(fleece set)

I tried Walmart, but the lines to check out were so atrocious I walked right out LOL. I also went to goodwill. I saw people standing outside before it opened. They had a scavenger hunt type thing where if you found items with red tags they were FREE.

This year I will employ strategies 3 and 2. Best Buy is first because I desperately want a printer. The mall with JC Penney's and Sears will be next because it is near Best Buy. OR BBand B. Then I will cross the street to Hobby Lobby, Hastings and Walmart. Will end at Target.

This was the end last year LOL

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