Monday, November 15, 2010

Frosty and Santa Theme Song

Frosty and Santaaaaaaa
Are both lit up on my porch
They both have bulbs of 60 watts
And each glow like a torch

Frosty and Santaaaaaa
Light up in the dark
I love to see them when I
Come home and park

I bought them at the post wide sales
And stored them in my shed
And in order to change Frosty's bulb
I had to stand him on his head

Oh, Frosty and Santaaaaa
Are out before Turkey Day
They were feeling lonely in the shed
And tired of being locked away

Frosty and Santaaaaa
Love lighting up the night
When you drive right past my house
It's such an awesome sight

I brought them out and set them up
But Frosty's bulb was out
So when he stood next to Santa
He wanted to cry and pout

But Frosty and Santaaaa
Now have the same wattage lights
So they are happy on the porch
And won't have any fights!

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