Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

The year I cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner.

Balthazar the turkey started thawing in the fridge Sunday night

I gave him such a lofty name(in my family we always named the bird) because he is quite small, but in a huge pan.

The day before I made the mashed potatoes(my cousin, Claudia's recipe)

and saved the potato water for kolacky's

I got out the fine china and the goldware

My mom got these back in the 60's or 70's for opening a bank account.

I baked a Mrs. Smith's pumpkin pie

and hid it from Scout

But he still managed to mess with it(those are paw prints)

Somewhere along the line I decided I didn't have enough to do so I made some cookies

I ended up with a lot of dirty dishes

And Scout took a nap

For the big day I got up at 9 and stuffed the bird(with carrots)

Rubbed him down and slapped his butt

And stuck him in the oven!!

I made some sides

Mashed potatoes(heated them up)

Sweet potatoes

Stuffing(in with the turkey)

Baked apples

Cranberry log

Carrots(from inside the turkey)

Relish plate

Homemade gravy

The boys were no help

I prepared for Black Friday

I set a nice table(with my great-grandmother's crystal butter dish and mormon wine{sparkling cider})

There was not enough room for the food

So we had 2 tables!!

Balthazar was a success!!

And my man carved.

There was one mishap. Something(not the food) in the oven started burning so I could not make rolls :( Dinner was wonderful, though.
The kitchen was a mess

After I took a nap. Then we had dessert

Then I washed my fine china, then moved furniture in order to put up Christmas decorations :) Unfortunately, it was way to cold outside to get them out of the shed.

I am now ready to attempt a goose at Christmas and a tur-duck-hen(from a box) next year :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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Lauren said...

Your feast looks so good! And it's true...the men never help :)