Monday, December 27, 2010

After Christmas Goodies

I love getting stuff after Christmas :) Keeps the excitement going LOL

I got some more cards today. We may or may not be getting a package from TJ's dad and girlfriend. They haven't emailed to say it's late so we are not sure. If they did send something I am anxious to see what they sent with roosters on it this year. Last year it was decorative boxes(perfect for storing Christmas decorations) before that it was a serving bowl. For our wedding we got dishes(which I have given away). Not sure why they think we like roosters LOL

Anyway, I got 2 gift cards this year. One from TJ's family and one from my best friend, Bonnie. So we went to Manhattan to spend them today.

First we went to Target to use Bonnie's. I have been wanting a Magic Bullet, but the Walmart in JC did not have one when I looked last week and we had not checked the Walmart in Manhattan, yet. However, Target had a different brand considerably cheaper so I went ahead and got it :)

TJ picked out a video game

We also got a gold ornament.

Next we went to Walmart. I found a new shower curtain

We also picked out a game

And some more gold ornaments

Next we went to Hobby Lobby, saw someone from work. Bought black ornaments.

Then we had lunch at Applebees. Some people came in and sat near us and had a yellow bag from Bath and Body works. That means semi-annual sale!! So we went into the mall and I got some Japanese Cherry Blossom body butter and a Cranberry Woods candle, both 1/2 price!!

Later this week I will reveal what the gold and black ornaments are for.