Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Done, So Far

I have gotten several rooms in my winter cleaning done so far.

First was the upstairs bathroom with my new shower curtain.

Next was the downstairs bathroom (no picture)

Then I worked on the craft room. No picture because I am storing some Christmas stuff in there to be organized, but the craft portion is all organized and purged(2 bags for thrift store)

For dinner I made a snack supper to celebrate

Today I slept until one. Then I worked on the bedroom. I cleaned, purged(one whole bag for the thrift store) and organized.

To answer your inevitable questions, there are 6 pillows total and yes those are fighting tigers on the pillowcases LOL
The books under the nightstand are those yet to be read. I have a box full in the closet, too.

I also cleaned out and reorganized the linen closet, which didn't take too long because it was still pretty organized and cleaned out from last time. I did add a sheet set to the thrift store bag, though.

I am taking the rest of the evening off to read. And take a shower. Can't get into my nice clean bed dirty!!!

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