Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Sold Out For A Sandwich and Cake, but The Pie Made It All Worthwhile

Remember a couple weeks ago when I said I was DONE with my husband's company and battalion. How I swore I would no longer attend anything including social events?

Yeah, well, I kinda changed my mind.

The promise of a sub sandwich and cake was too much. A FREE sub sandwich and cake. That was the food at the Christmas party. I decided I would go with the lowest expectations possible. Because that is all I have now -- low expectations.

The sub sandwich was good. So was the cake.

The pie, though. The pie was the epitome of all that is right and just in the world.

It wasn't even real pie. It was a pie tin filled with whipped cream.

I didn't know about the pie.

The pie was part of an auction to raise money for our FRG. You could nominate someone to throw a pie in their face.

Except 2 people. Commander and 1st Sergeant. They were already committed to the auction to get a pie in the face.

I bid $10.00 to throw a pie in the face of the Commander. I figured more people(like the soldiers) would bid more.

They didn't.

Do you know how happy it made me to put a pie in his face????

Very, let me tell you.

I may actually start participating again. Though I do not expect anything like this again.

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