Friday, December 24, 2010

Traditions Old and New

This year I am all about the traditions. I continued some, resurrected some, started some new ones, etc. And from different countries as well!!

Where to start? Well, how about with the continuing ones? I baked lots of goodies

including European Kolachies and sugar cookies(new ones were vienna tarts and hot choclate cupcakes. I resurrected making cinnamon bread like my mom used to)
Put up a tree(with an all-ball theme)
(the Christmas tree originated in Germany)
and my cards from this year on the back of the door

I also went out one night to look at lights on post. Planned to go into town last night, but it was raining :( Gonna try again tonight.

We went to the Harley Shop to see Santa

and to the church Christmas party

Resurrected traditions included delivering goodies to friends on Christmas Eve day

and Krum Kaga(Swedish)

New traditions included a trip to Lindsborg, Kansas(to get the Krum Kaga). I decided I am going to make this a yearly tradition and commemorate each year with a homemade Dala Horse ornament with the year on it

We also went to Build-A-Bear and got Rudolph.

(2 years ago we got PJ Penguin)
I also introduced Frosty and Santa to my Christmas light set up(I bought them in October)

I am also starting the tradition this evening of reading the Nativity Story from Luke and having hot chocolate. We will also open one gift(continuing tradition :)

In a salute to Italy, I am making Cioppino(Italian fish stew) for Christmas Eve dinner.

Like I said, I am all about the traditions :)

And tomorrow we will go to the Chinese buffet for Christmas dinner :)


Kim said...

No goose?? :)

Robyn :) said...

No, I had too much else to do!! Maybe next year. With the Buche de Noel I didn't make either :)