Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Is Not My Year

Have you noticed that all my posts for this year(including the last one of 2010)all have 2011 in the title? Yeah, that is going to end soon LOL. Especially since this year is now shaping up to be rather crappy. At least I am finding this out at the beginning. Remember 2009? Perfectly good year until the Fall hit. Then everything went downhill. I was sooo glad to welcome in 2010 and it turned out to be a very nice year.

I had a feeling 2011 wasn't going to be as a good. Just a feeling. I think it's because of the prime number. 11. I do not like prime numbers. Age 31 did not impress me and I am not looking forward to 37. Or 41. Or 43. Anyway.........this year is gonna suck.

Why? Well, we got the crappy news today. The Big D. In the near future(not too near, but near enough). I cried a little. I got a little angry(not about the event itself, but about some other circumstances that may or may not affect it or vice versa). Then I mentally began to think of what I will need to do to prepare. And accepted it.

I'm good like that.

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