Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 Overhaul

We are making some big changes around our home!! The first being that we said goodbye to our poor performing desktop and each got new laptops. TJ got a regular Toshiba and I got a Netbook. We had been waiting for confirmation of an impending deployment to make this purchase and when it came and our desktop decided it was going to poop out o us we decided it was time to go look at Best Buy. Just look, but we found great deals on what we each wanted so we got them. Just one thing done now to prepare for deployment :)

The other change is our livingroom. What started out as a routine cleaning, organizing, and minor purge is turning into a major purge!! First to go was our computer desk. We had been wanting to replace it for ages, but with our new laptops figured we did not need one at all!! Instead we are using a skinny tall table. It freed up some space and makes the room look less cluttered. The next major purge is going to be the Entertainment center. We have decided that we are done with the monster. We have a 2 level end table and a smaller TV stand to use instead. This will help the room look less cluttered as well.

I am hoping to get most of this done today :)

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