Monday, January 24, 2011

Computer Organization 2011

In an effort to stay organized in all aspects of my life, I have organized the Favorites tab on my computer with a bunch of neat little folders that house all the websites I like to regularly visit. I will break it down for you in Outline Style.

I. Blogs
A. Creative
B. Friends
C. Living
D. Military
E. Other

II. Businesses
A. BofA

III. Craft Ideas
A. Cards
B. Scrapbooking
C. Others

IV. Entertainment
A. Amazon
1. Music Download
2. Video on demand
3. Shop
B. Bravo TV
C. You Tube

V. Food
A. Pizza
1. Dominoes
B. Recipes

VI. Home
A. Cleaning
B. Decorating
C. Organization

VII. Personal Communication
A. Blogger Dashboard
B. Facebook
C. Skype
D. Yahoo

VIII. Photos
A. Snapfish
B. Walmart

IX. Work
A. (My School)
B. USD 475

I think this is my Virgo personality coming out!!

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