Thursday, January 27, 2011

FlyLady Journey 2011 -- I'm Good, Thanks

So, I went ahead and looked at all 31 days of the Beginner Baby steps and pretty much decided that most of the stuff was already done, irrelevant, not worth the hassle or just plain unappealing. The only 2 that I figured were useful(in addition to the already shined sink) were Days 6 and 24.

Day 6 is hot spots. Places where things accumulate. I chose the rocking recliner and desk chair in my livingroom. The rocking recliner is where TJ dumps clothes and some army stuff(you know, in addition to the super messy spare room that is all his!!!). The desk chair is where my coats and sweaters and scarves ened up. We also currently have a card table set up(for playing Battleship) and pushed into our bookcase/credenza corner and I dumped my purse and stuff on it, but it then goes to work with me so during the day it is bare :)

Day 24 is the swish and swipe. It suggests that everyday you swish your toilet bowl with a brush and wipe down your bathroom counters with a rag. OK. Since I have 2 bathrooms I can do one in the morning and one in the evening or afternoon. Instead of a rag, though, I am going to use disinfectant wipes.

I think what is going to benefit me most from Fly Lady is the Zone Cleaning. So I will continue with that. I will also be searching the website for tips and ideas.

For zone cleaning in the Master Bedroom the Wednesday assignment(which I did not get to on Wednesday because I was dead tired from getting up way to early and working late) was clean the tops of windows and door frames and jambs. Will do it tomorrow. Thursday's assignment was get to the hotspot on the nightstand. I had none until my cat knocked over the pen cup and started knocking them on the floor this morning. So I picked them up. Friday's assignment is to clean off top of dresser. Already done as well. Boy, this room was easy!!!

This weekend I am going to try to put all the tubs (and stuff that goes in them) that I dragged (drug?) out of the craftroom closet looking for the title to the Buick. And straighten the room up a bit. Maybe take out the shag rug and move it to Master Bedroom and bring in the pink and white. Don't know. I have also offered mine and TJ's services bringing in firewood at a friend's house. And maybe we can deliver that GIANT EC to our friends.

What fun!!!

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