Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Guest Blogger--Scout 2011

Hello all, it is me, Scout, the military cat brat, with my first guest post of 2011. Mommy isn't feeling well so I am stepping in.

Yesterday the school district called a Snuggle Day!!! That is when they cancel school so everyone can stay home and snuggle with their cats(or other pets if they are unfortunate to not have a cat). It is usually when it snows, too. Not sure why.

Anyway, my poor mommy was sick all day. She threw up 3 times (yuck) and was achy and had chills. She got a fever at bedtime but it broke a couple hours later. I took care of her by staying by her side or laying on her(to keep her warm). Daddy had to go into work 3 times before they decided they all needed a snuggle day as well. My priority was to take care of mommy as well. She mostly slept.

Today wasn't a snuggle day, but Mommy still felt yucky so she stayed home again. She slept ALL morning. And guess what? I stayed with her!!! I take such good care of her. She calls me Nurse Scout and says I am the best cat ever.

She got up this afternoon and had soup. She shared some with me. She also tried to let me go outside, but it is cold and wet out there!! I refused.

I am going to go take some more care of Mommy now. She says she is going to go to bed again to read and maybe nap. I can most definitely help with that!!

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Daleen said...

I do hope the mommy is feeling better now :)