Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011

We did it up right this year!! Seriously, I had the best New Year's Eve ever!! It beat out the year my aunt and uncle were visiting when I was a kid and my mom and aunt went out back pounding pots and pans and the year I went to Las Vegas with my friends :) And the one year I had a sleepover.

In the morning I decorated my New Years Tree!!!!

Doesn't she looked festive??

I also worked on cleaning the livingrom somewhat. In the late afternoon I took a nap. It helped because I did not need one energy drink all night!!

Then I got glammed up for our night out. I was ready to partay!!

We went bowling on post. For $15.00 each we got 6 hours of bowling, shoes, party favors, door prizes, games, sparkling cider and breakfast(which we skipped because the line was super long and we were tired).

Our friends were not able to join us because they were all sick but we lucked out and had some really awesome people sharing the lane with us. Seriously. they were fun and friendly and had the most easygoing little girl who was happy to stay in her stroller all night and let us give her attention :) She liked to watch me dance. I am always happy to have a captive audience.

I have never bowled so many games at once in my life. I think it was like 5 in all. I also got a turkey :)

It was a very awesome evening. A great way to bring in 2011.

In retrospect, 2010 was a pretty good year(much better than 2009!!). I am kind of reluctant to leave it behind. Not sure what 2011 will hold. A lot of things are uncertain right now. But hopefully all will work out for the best :)

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