Monday, January 31, 2011

Ice, Snow, and a Happy Scout

Okay, happy mommy, too :)

So, they have been forecasting a big snowstorm here for Tuesday. After seeing the weather models predicting up to 10 inches and blizzard like conditions at times, I pretty much figured we would get a snow day on Tuesday.

They were also talking about freezing drizzle for Monday morning and a little snow coming later. I wondered about how much drizzle, how freezing and about what time, because maybe we could get another day out of it, but wasn't too optimistic. Then I took hubby to PT.

The roads and sidewalks were glazed with ice. But no text alert. Really? They were going to let kids walk on slick sidewalks and run busses on slick roads? Okaaaaayyyy. I wondered if maybe it wasn't as icy in town (we are on a hill up here on post, after all).

No cancellation before 6am. I was under the impression that if it wasn't called by then, then it couldn't be called(because of the bus schedule). I prayed that I would be safe driving me and Miss K this morning.

Miss K was coming early because her parents had a work meeting in Topeka. So, at 6:30 I was up and getting dressed and making breakfast. Her mom texted to let me know they were on the way.

So, about 6:45, I am eating my eggs and Miss K and her dad, Mr. B, arrive. They walk in and he says "Sorry, but we got the text message when we were already on our way"

Text message? What text message?

Well, they cancelled school, of course!!!! Late, but they cancelled it. Awesome. I have Miss K, still (I have the option of taking her home, but would rather not drive the highway), but we can just relax for the day.

Scout is happy because he gets a snuggle day with not just me, but Miss K as well.

Now to decide what to do with my free day.......

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