Sunday, January 30, 2011

Introducing... Little Blue!!!

A couple weeks ago I brought home this....

It is a Toshiba Netbook. I named him Little Blue because he is little and blue!! He can go almost anywhere with me because he is so small.

For now he only travels upstairs and downstairs, but at some point I am sure I will take him out of the house to use.

I absolutely love this thing. I have all kinds of stuff (like blogs) organized on him. I love being able to watch TV upstairs and downstairs with him on my lap. I love that he came with a webcam and a link to sign up for Skype.

He was also CHEAP. He was one of only a limited number of Toshiba Netbooks that Best Buy received, on the shelves in boxes, $100 cheaper than the model they display(and keep in the back). We thought he was going to be black, but were thrilled to discover he was blue!! I also bought him a cute little pink bag to take him places.

I plan to keep this guy for YEARS to come!!

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