Monday, January 3, 2011

My Home 2011

To start with, I am linking this post to 2 other blogs -- Home Goals on Nesting Place and We're Organized Wednesday on Organize and Decorate Everything. So, welcome any new readers :) The topics are different, yet similar.

First up, I will talk about my home goals for 2011. These goals need to be flexible(i.e. apply wherever we may live) as we may
A. Be living in this same house on post
B. Be living in a different house on post
C. Be living in an apartment in town
D. Be living in a new home in town

So, basically, I have one major goal. Keep up with keeping my house clean and neat and organized. Whew! I need to try to not let it get to the point where it is embarrassing to have guests. And I want to be able to know where my Lambchop slippers are, not discover them who-knows-how-many-months-later under the bed along with a myriad of other things plus dust bunnies. Yuck.

Now, in addition to this goal, I have another one, which is to purge my home of things I do not want, need, use or like. This also happens to be the theme of We're Organized Wednesday. The suggestion was to find a room or area (or even a piece of furniture like a dresser) and find 13 things to either throw out, give away, sell or donate.

Last week I started on cleaning up my house. I ended up taking 3 bags of stuff to the DAV Thrift Store. That included items from my craftroom, linen closet, and bedroom. I have another bag currently going with stuff from the downstairs bathroom, diningroom and livingroom. I also have a bag of books I was going to try selling, but a coworker's daughter is going to get first crack at them :) I had 2 boxes of books in my bedroom closet that were unread(by me). I put a bunch under my nightstand for easy access and condensed the rest into one box! You can sort of see the books in the nightstand in this picture

For some organizational ideas, I have a spray painted tray on top of the nightstand so I can remove everything easily to dust or wash the "scarf" on top(it is just a square of cloth). It also prevents the cat from knocking everything off!! I ended up swapping out that cup for a light blue one with a snowflake on it to hold pens. All pens in there were found in various places in my room(mostly on the floor). I also keep a basket of the books I am currently reading(Bible, Book of Mormon, adult fiction, young adult fiction and a classic) by my bed to keep them together and easily transportable.

There are 6 pillows on the bed because I like pillows. Seven if you count Snoopy.

As a reward/motivator for cleaning the upstairs bathroom I got a new shower curtain.

I think rewards are very beneficial when cleaning and organizing your home :) I have no idea what my other rewards are going to be, yet.

Oh, and here's a great tip for purging your bathroom -- check expiration dates!!! I had stuff that expired back in 2007!!! What a waste of space! This can also work in the kitchen and pantry. For super organization, group like items in your medicine cabinets -- pain meds together, cold items together, itching items together, first aid, etc.

I am not done with the cleaning and purging. Oh no! I am just going a bit slower now that work has started again. Last week I was able to dedicate whole days to certain rooms. Now I am going area by area each day. This will be for the livingroom and kitchen. When I have some more days off I will do my inside storage, outside storage, pantry and anything else I have missed.

Now if I can just get TJ to work on the spareroom/army room!!!

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Leanne said...

Congratulations! You got so much done. Doesn't it feel so freeing? I love that you reward yourself. I think that's a great idea. I need to start doing that more. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.