Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Probate 2011 -- Adopting the Buick

So, one thing I inherited from my mom was her Buick. My original plan was to sell her or trade her in, BUT the fact that she was paid off and had like only 13,000 miles on her and was a 2002 caused me to decide to keep it.

This was not an easy decision as I do not like Buicks. My mom loved them. She had a big ugly white Buick Special that sounded like a tank for like 30 years and a boring beige Buick Century for almost 20. Her final one was a silver Century Custom.

Last summer we hauled her behind a UHaul back here to Kansas to adopt her. I named her Big Bertha as she was bigger than my Saturn(that got traded in with our Trailblazer for our Dodge truck, Big Blue). We also had Big Betty Bike, so we had to give the Buick a BIG name. I put her on my insurance in my name. This caused a problem with the DMV of California and they cancelled her registration.

Instead of trying to reinstate her there, we decided to just go ahead and register her here in Kansas. I received my Letters of Admin and was instructed that when I switched the title it now needed to read [my name], administrator of the estate of [mom's name]. At this point I could not put my husband's name on it so I would have to pay the property tax on it as well.

Having the funds today, I went to try to register her. Unfortunately, it turned out I did not have the original title, but a very beautiful colorful copy!!! OOPS. The lady at the tag office was very helpful, however.

Anyway, when I came home I could not find the original. I called my cousin to see if she had it(or any other paperwork I might have missed) and she didn't. I am not sure if we made this copy on her printer from the original and I somehow misplaced the original or the copy is what my mom had. It looks like I will have to call the California DMV(curses!!) and request a copy, which could take weeks, but I am going to try everything I can to get it sooner. Right now TJ and I are sharing the truck(and driving him to work for 6:30 PT is NOT FUN).

Have I mentioned how much I hate Probate AND the DMV of California??

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