Monday, January 24, 2011

Stress 2011

These are the 2 things stressing me out on a regular basis...

1. TJ leaving

2. Probate

There is actually one more, but I would rather not discuss it here :) It is also something I actually have more control over so it isn't as bad.

Anyway, of course I am stressed over TJ leaving. I am worried he won't come back and I am worried about managing here without him(of course I did it before, so logically I know I can do it again, but still). I am trying to prepare as best I can, but it is still a struggle. This week we have an informational meeting, which should help a little, but of course they will not give me the answers I actually want!! LOL

Probate is just a pain in the behind. I am trying to take things one day at a time and the next thing is to try to get the car registered here and to me!

The problem with the stress, though, is that it makes it hard to go to sleep at night. This is the stuff I worry about as my head hits the pillow and the lights go out. Sometimes I can push the thoughts out and do some relaxation exercises, but other times, like tonight, I have to get up and blog or watch TV or send emails. And sometimes, like tonight, I need to take something to help me sleep. I try to avoid this as much as possible because I am afraid of becoming addicted. And I usually need to get up early and go to work :) It is a last resort. I took a half a flexeril tonight as I thought it would also help if I started getting cramps. Yep, Aunt Flo is here, too. Niiiiiiiiiicccccce

Anyone have any suggestions or advice?


Kim said...

I really think that with both, you just have to muddle through. I think that's all you CAN do. Have you got on calling the realtor yet?

Carrie said...

I see the 2011 titles are still going strong! ;)

I don't think anything anyone can say is going to make TJ leaving feel more okay... But I'm going to have a go at it anyhow. If you've done this before, then at least you have some idea of how the emotional process goes. Be prepared for the bad days, and remember that good days happen too. One day at a time, the gap between him leaving and him returning will close. Fill those days with memories to tell him about when he's back. Don't let yourself wallow too much! Get out, see people, go places. And don't consider for a moment that he won't be coming home. Don't think about the worst unless it actually happens.

You can do this! Stay strong!

About the sleep: Make some hot cocoa before bed and snuggle up with a good book. Do something soothing to tire yourself out right before you try to go to sleep. Try to relax and push the stressful things out of your mind...sleep should be a break, not even MORE stress! Maybe some hot tea, if chocolate isn't your thing? (I'm not much on hot tea, but I find most bloglanders are...)

Hope things even out for you very soon!

Robyn :) said...

Thank you for the reminders, Carrie :) I know that once he is gone and I get into my routine I will be fine, but the anxiety of knowing he is going is worse.

Kim, not yet. I am trying to work on one thing at a time and right now it is the car. Hit a snag today with the title. Turns out I have a copy, not the original! I did text my cousin, though, who is interested in getting an inspection done.

Baby steps !!!