Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tales From The Sickbed

I am sick.

With a cold.

And spending the weekend either in bed or on the couch.

I started in bed on Saturday. All the way to 1pm. I had strange dreams. Probably Benadryl induced. It was worth it though as my throat was no longer scratchy.

Nasal spray is a miracle worker. I love being able to breathe.

I went straight from the bed to to the couch (well, I got dressed in sweats and made waffles in the toaster in between). I proceeded to watch movies and play on the computer.

Then I moved back to bed to read magazines and books. After 1/2 an hour I fell asleep -- for about 5 hours!! More strange dreams.

I got up to eat dinner and play on the computer some more. Then went back to bed for the night. Did not even make it through SNL. Took more Benadryl and had more strange dreams.

Only slept in until 10am this time. Did not make it to church. Had PB&J waffles for breakfast and chips and avocado for lunch. Watched a lot of TV and played on computer.

Nurse Scout has been hanging out on the end of my bed. He did go outside briefly and spent some quality time on my chest. He is a good kitty.

At 2:45pm my husband asked what I was planning on doing for dinner. I told him that he was making dinner because I was sick and he could make whatever he wanted. He proceeded to find a huge can of Dinty Moore Beef Stew. And ask me how to make it. I found stovetop and microwave directions. Then he had to ask what to put it in to put in the microwave. Then he made it. At 3pm. Guess he was hungry.

Scout just came downstairs. He was still napping on my bed. Maybe he is sick, too.

Hubby just brought up a bowl of the beef stew and a piece of bread, For himself. Didn't even ask if I wanted any.

I guess I will go ahead and post this now. I am feeling much better and ready to go to work tomorrow.

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