Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter Cleaning 2011

My winter cleaning is complete. Mine. TJ still needs to do the spareroom before he deploys. And technically the outside storage needs some attention, but it is too cold right now. We will refer to it as a problem spot, of which there are several more, but overall, the major work I wanted to get done is done! And about 6 bags(big Schwan's bags) went to the DAV thrift store!!

In exchange I bought a fitted full size sheet with pink roses to cover the chair in my craft room(currently I am using pink rose sheets from my mom's but they are thin and faded and going to be used in my 72 hour kit) for $1.48 and then at Goodwill I bought a Corelle plate with blue flowers for 54 cents. So 6 bags of stuff in exchange for 2 items. Well done!

So, let me recap what I did to the house and what still needs to be done.

1. Master bedroom and closet -- purged a bunch of stuff(mostly a box of books and clothes) and cleaned out a mess under the bed. Moved my build a animals in here. Still want to put some of my blue carpet remnants in here plus the shag rug in the craft room. And tonight I will organize my shoes :)

2. Craft room -- cleaned some stuff out of my white dresser in there(mostly picture frames) and mostly just straightened things up. It has gotten a little messy again and I need to put the box of Christmas wrapping paper and cards in the outside storage that I stored in this room. I also want to get rid of some old paperwork I have stored in the closet (I am going to ask a friend if she can burn it in her fire pit). Also need to switch out the sheet on the chair!! And replace the shag rug with my pink and white rag rug from my neighbor.

3. Upstairs hall and linen closet -- got all the crap out(couple boxes, litter box and who knows what else)that I was storing there so now only my laundry baskets remain. The closet was pretty much already organized, but I straightened it up and stored some stuff on the bottom.

4. Bathrooms -- threw out a bunch of expired stuff and reorganized the cabinets. and cleaned everything. Hung a new shower curtain.

5. Livingroom -- took down tree and nativities, threw out desk, have arranged to get rid of giant EC and use our old TV stand from my aunt and uncle instead, rearranged furniture and reorganized office supplies and catalogs and stuff. Got rid of my beloved brochure binder :( We also took down our computer(it is stored in the closet) and got laptops. I need to go through the closet again at some point, but it is fine right now.

6. Dinigroom -- basically just straightened it up. Did a blue theme for winter in my hutch. Need to go through saferoom closet and see if some of the stuff on the shelf can be moved elsewhere.

7. Kitchen -- went through cupboards and got rid of some stuff. Cleaned. Went through my pantry and food storage closets and reorganized them and threw out a TON of expired food.

8.Laundry room and inside storage -- Cleaned off my washer and dryer LOL Still should probably go through the cabinets and straighten them up. In the storage I straightened a few things, threw some stuff out and redid my 72 hour kits.

I started this the week after Christmas and worked on it a couple days when I had time this month. Like losing weight that was the losing period and now I am on to maintenance!!!

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