Friday, February 25, 2011

Adventures With My Cat

Today I did one of the most fun things you could ever do with my cat....I took him to the vet!!!!!

Yeah, real fun.

First of all, Scout would not go into his carrier so I had to put him on his leash and hook it up in the car. I brought the carrier along.

From the time he went into that car until we went into the vet that boy screamed and cried nonstop! He cannot stand the car.

At the vet parking lot he still refused to get in the carrier so we went in with the leash. Scout loudly announced his presence when we walked in. As we sat down to wait I discovered Thomas Gibson(Hotchner on Criminal Minds) was on Live with Regis and Kelly. Scout could care less. I did let him off his leash and he started to explore, but was still crying so I held him instead which he seemed to like.

In the exam room they let him walk around. They took a new picture of him(I love that the vet does this to identify their patients) and then we each sat in a chair until he decided to hide under it. He did okay with the shots. They, of course, held him down, but the assistant also gave him a head rub, which he looked like he was enjoying.

After the shots, he was calmer, and went in his carrier with minimal struggle. He cried a little as I was paying, but then this lady brought a kitten in that was screaming even louder than Scout was earlier!!!! Scout did not like this and growled his disapproval!

The ride home was a lot more pleasant. I had the carrier right next to me and Scout did not cry much. Not until we got close to home.

I get to do this again next month when he goes to get his yearly teeth cleaning!

(post vet cuddling with mama)


Sasy said...

My cat is the same. Crying and screaming from the moment I get the carrier out. It always tears me up.

Btw: Scout is a really pretty cat. :)

Robyn :) said...

Oh, thank you so much :)

He has been cuddling with me off and on today as of to say he's sorry for being a terror LOL!!