Sunday, February 6, 2011

FlyLady Journey 2011 -- Livingroom and Diningroom (and beyond)

This week's zone was Livingroom and Diningroom.

For Monday, the assignment was to thoroughly vacuum the livingroom. I do not have carpet to vacuum. And recently I swiffered. We do have a throw rug so I asked TJ to sweep that. And sweep under the couch. He did it Tuesday.

I also did some of my own cleaning, as I had some extra time owing to the ice day. I picked up the livingroom and did laundry. I cleaned out the shelf in our emergency closet and moved some of the stuff(like light bulbs and curtain hardware) to a new location(storage room). Straightened up the craftroom, but only put one tub away. The next one was too heavy and needed TJ. I went to Dollar Tree and got a bunch of tubs/baskets for an organizing project.

For Tuesday, the zone changed. This was the assignment..

"For the Front Porch, Entrance and Dining Room, put out the fires that
are burning in your hot spots. Get rid of the pile of shoes by the
front door, get rid of the pile of junk mail and put away the
magazines and school papers that are piled on the dining room table."

Since there was a near blizzard outside, the Front Porch was out(though I did finally put Frosty and Santa away on Monday). I have nothing in my entrance. So it fell to the diningroom. There were no hot spots, but some scattered bags so I got that cleaned up. My main project for the day was Organizing the Pantry and a few other things.

Wednesday brought Freezing-Cold day so there was no school, again. The assignment was to clean the windows and walls in the dining room. Never got to it as cabin fever started settling in and I had no energy for anything. I did manage to finish up the Craftroom and start putting up Valentine's decorations.

The assignment for Thursday was clean up the entrance of clutter. It is clear as it is tiny-to-non-existant.

Friday was clean the ceilings, light fixtures and window sill in entrance and diningroom. The light fixture in entrance is to high, but door jamb was doable. No window.

I pretty much did not do ANY cleaning the rest of the week so it fell on Saturday to play catch up. After sleeping until noon. And delivering our GIANT EC to friends. I needed a Red Bull to get motivated but then I decluttered the livingroom, put away some stuff, and did the dishes.

I may need to play catch up next week :)

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