Friday, February 11, 2011

Good For Me, Bad For Others

I have a few things to say and they may not be very nice. And may get me in trouble, but that's ok.

As I mentioned before my husband was moved to Rear D at the beginning of the week. As his ETS(getting out date) date is in September and he is under a bar from reenlistment right now, he is undeployable. If they were to deploy him with the rest they would either have to send him home early or extend his contract (and pay him more). With the bar from reenlistment I don't think they can do that.

My husband is under a bar from re-enlistment because he has been a specialist for 5 years. And, you know, because he drinks and parties all the time, has a DUI, beats me, has been demoted, shoplifted and I cause him all kinds of trouble.

As you know, none of that is true. But guess what? It is true of other people and they are still in the army. And advancing. There is stuff I know about certain people in leadership that I could make known (not sure it would do anyhting though), but I choose not to. Because unlike these people who like to feed their egos and damage other people's careers, I am not like that. But let's just say that there is stuff I know that I could possibly use to my davantage.

However, back when we did not have deployment orders it seems like our leaders decided to weed through their soldiers to see who they could serve with a bar to make themselves look all big and tough and fill some quota. Not finding enough LEGITIMATE people to bar, they started grasping at straws. Which led to a few others, inculding TJ.

TJ is still a specialist because it takes him longer than others to learn stuff. He can do his job with no problem and does it well. His problem is with memorizing things like what he would need to know to go to a promotion board. Also, when put in a position of leadership, he chooses not to act like a (insert bad word here) and apparently that is not good. So, thse are the reasons he is being barred from re-enlistment.

Did you know that there are other soldiers that have been demoted MULTIPLE times and they continue to get promoted again and again and then demoted and no one stops them from re-enlisting? It's true. Did you know that there are soldiers that have addictions and endanger other people and nothing happens to them? Also true.

Which is why I and others are truly baffled as to why TJ is under a bar from being re-enlisted.

More baffling is that they do not want him deploying. He deployed before and was one of the hardest workers over there. Several NCOs had told me he exceeded their expectations. TJ would risk his life for anyone and many other specialists and junior enlisted soldiers trust him to talk to or go to with their problems. Instead they are deploying people who care only about themselves and I believe would not hesitate to risk others' lives to protect their own.

And this is one of the reasons I am SO GLAD TJ has been moved to Rear D. Or anywhere, really. I do not want to even think about the possibility that they could send him back to where he has been. If he has to be deployed I PRAY that it is with different people. Because I do not trust the people he was with before.

Not when they care more about their own egos and not admitting they made mistakes and will do anything in their power to save face. If that is how they behave here, then how do you think they will behave in a combat situation? Whose butt do you think they will be looking out for?

The final decision on TJ's bar is supposed to be made in May. However, it can be lifted anytime before that. As much as I would like to see that happen, I am hoping that once it is lifted he doesn't get a one way ticket back to where he was before. I am hoping they put him somewhere else if he has to deploy. Or deploy him out of Rear D(I did not know that was even possible as Rear D typically refers to the people left behind to handle things on this end).

My husband has also made the decision that, bar re-enlistment or not, he will not be re-enlisting. I am happy that this means we will not have to put up with any of this crap anymore. I know that it is not always like this. I also like to believe this is the exception, not the norm. Because if this is the norm...well...we all better be praying.

Anyway, the fact that my husband is in a place now where he is happy and the leadership actually seems to care about more than themselves and TJ may not have to deploy is really good for me. But the fact that he is not with the guys he has been training up with and they are stuck with the people they are with -- sucks for them.

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