Saturday, February 12, 2011

Healthier Choices

I have been thinking a lot lately about ways to be healthier. The obvious way is to eat better, which I try to do. I need to start exercising again as well. Start small and build up. I was going to check out sone of the programming on Fit TV, but cannot find it. I suspect it was taken over by the station I am watching now -- OWN. Stupid Oprah. LOL

For eating better I am going to try some of the recipes on Carrie's blog. I went through the recipe index on her old blog and saved a bunch to my computer. I am also rereading Naturally Thin and The Skinny Girl Dish.

Another way I have thought about getting healthier is to start using natural cleaning products. As much as I love bleach and Comet, I worry about breathing in the fumes and I worry about my cat breathing in the fumes. And if I ever have children I would worry about them breathing in the fumes!!

I have been reading several blogs from people who useShaklee. One is A Bowl Full of Lemons(by the way, she is one of my newest followers, so welcome!!). Another is Three Boys. Both periodically do product reviews. Three Boys' posts on using the products are especially helpful and convincing.

This post talks about making the transition to using all Shaklee products. Now, I cannot afford to do that at the moment, but I am thinking about joining as a member and getting a few things. Oh, and the author of this blog is my other newest follower so welcome to her as well!!

I had also talked to friends about Melaleuca. They seem to also have some great natural products. That are slightly cheaper as well. However, when you join Melaleuca you have to buy a certain amount of products each month. Now, I could certainly find enough to buy every month, BUT we are also trying to watch what we spend and pay off our credit cards. I asked a Shaklee Distributor and she said there was no minimum. Just the membership fee(which was cheaper than Melaleuca's).

If anyone has used Shaklee(including my newest followers!) and can give me some feedback, I would appreciate it.


Mommyto3andahusky said...

I love Shaklee! My team that I joined under gives you free shipping, $100 worth of free product when you finish doing the Shaklee University classes, and there are so many incentives. I love it! :) Let me know if you have any questions! :)

Robyn :) said...

My only question was if there was a minimum to buy?

Are you a distributor or just a member?

By the way, you are one of the people I linked to :)