Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How It Works

This is how treating my anxiety works....

Take Celexa everyday

Forget to take a Celexa for 3 days

Receive extreme anxiety-inducing news

Remember to take Celexa.

Get up, want nothing more than to spend the day with hubby, but he has to work so go to work, too, because staying home alone is depressing and need to work.

Realize this is not normal so call for a doctor appointment for the next day to figure out options.

Start to feel better

Have a Pepsi at lunch.

Leave work after a great day(a Tuesday no less!!) and feel like crying. Feel like throwing up, too. No appetite

Realize the caffeine probably made the anxiety worse.

Go to doctor's appointment and get generic Xanax.

Don't take it because I am feeling perfectly fine now!! LOL

Oh well, it is good that i have it for those times when I need it.

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