Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Good Bye, Caffeine

I am giving up caffeine. For good. I drank my last Pepsi today(wish it was a Coke!!). Well, my last Pepsi with caffeine. They do make Coke and Pepsi without caffeine. But not Red Bull. So no more of those. Or other energy drinks.

I am giving them up for my health. My mental health that is. I was reading an article in which it mentioned that excessive caffeine use can contribute to anxiety. Now, I do not believe I use it excessively, BUT my anxiety has been through the roof lately.

Why? Probate, of course!! Or, actually, issues with the house, the car, paperwork I have to gather and submit, etc. Crazy!!! It has all bult up over time and now it is affecting my health.

Of course, forgetting to take my anxiety medication 3 or more days in a row while I was sick did not help either!! But I am back on it and still having problems.

Take today, for instance. I had a great day(and it was a Tuesday!!). I worked afterschool and went rollerskating. But when I got in the car to come home I felt depressed and wanted to cry. I also felt nauseous and my heart was racing. This is not normal.

This morning I was feeling depressed and just wanted to be with TJ. If he had not gone to work I would not have gone to work. Even though I was feeling kind of crappy, the thought of staying home alone was not appealing so I went. And good thing because being around the kids made me feel much better (until it was time to leave!!)

Realizing, though, that things were quite askew, as soon as I got to work I called for a doctor's appointment. I got one for tomorrow(I needed one anyway soon to renew my Celexa prescription!). I am hoping to get some Xanax for the rough times to supplement the Celexa. I will probably get a referral to a counselor instead :)

But, I think a lot of the anxiety can be helped by cutting caffeine out of my diet. I know I can do it. I gave up coffee when I joined the Mormon church! And I LOVED coffee!! I will still take my Exedrin(which has caffeine), because nothing gets rid of a headache faster!! But all other caffeine is banished!!

Does anyone else have any tips for dealing with anxiety and depression. Anyone know of some natural energy boosters?


Kim said...

I really hope you get a referral to a therapist tomorrow for some short term help. Or, if they switch your meds, try Effexor.

Robyn :) said...

Celexa pretty much works as long as I don;t forget to take it 3 days in a row!!

And I can actually refer myself to a place off post. for free.

Daleen said...

Yay for going off caffeine. I went of more than a year ago, and the first week of not being able to keep my eyes open, my body got used to it. :)

I used to get annoying headaches, but not any more!

Robyn :) said...

I figure that is where most of my headaches come from :)

I had not had caffeine for quite a few days due to a cold. Then I had some Pepsi with lunch and noticed how it affected me that afternoon.

GingerV said...

the optimum word here is excess.... excess caffene, excess sugar, excess drugs.... I think soda's are worse for you than coffee. need my two cups a day. sodas have caffene - lots of it - sugar or sweetener which is the same bad and the carbination is sodium - SALT- don't get more drugs, this is not the solution.
try a diet and excercise regiment. everyday. or an art class, but NO Drugs.drugs camouflage - not heal
I know, I know who am I to tell you...

Robyn :) said...

It also helps to take the medication you are on regularly -- not forget 3 days in a row!!

I did get some generic Xanax to use as needed. So far I do not need it.

Ginger, if this was something like my husband deploying I would take up another activity, but right now I better not add anything more to my plate LOL!! I am trying to eat better and start exercising. Yesterday I roller skated and today I got some minor exercise during afterschool program again. I am hoping to start walking tomorrow after work.