Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Looked, I Pondered, I Joined,

After weeks of thinking about it, reading blogs singing it's praises and showing it's results, looking into other options, and tentatively making a decision to do it sometime, I FINALLY joined Shaklee today :)

It was because of Toni. Hers was the first blog I ever heard of it from. But although it sounded nice, I was not convinced.

Then I started reading Three Boys. She started doing a series of posts reviewing the products. The one about Scour Off in her kitchen sink appealed to me when she talked about it smelling like cherries :) Not enough to reel me in, though. Then she talked about cleaning her floors. That one certainly made me take notice!! But still not convinced. Then she posted about cleaning her oven. HELLO! No dangerous fumes and completely clean?! I think this was what really made me want to look into joining. I believe she was also the one I asked if there was a minimum purchase.

I also started reading Just A Day In The Life of This Mommy. I did not know she was a Shaklee member until she posted about Becoming a Shaklee Family(her post title). She not only showed how it cleaned, she also showed how many productes she replaced with just a couple multi-purpose products and talked about how it was healthier for her and her kids. That was the thing that kept sticking. How healthy the products were. Meaning they were not toxic when breathed in. She also started following me and said she would be glad to answer any questions for me :)

Today, though, I was finally motivated to sign up and place that first order. What convinced me was the original blog I heard about the products from, A Bowl Full of Lemons. She also showed how clean her oven got. She also showed a couple of other people's stoves. And a teakettle. And then she posted a link for getting a mini kit of some of the products. It included what I most wanted.

So that is when I joined :)

I joined under Toni because she was the first person I heard about the products from(through her blog) and her post finally convinced and motivated me :)

Right now I am just going to be a member, but if I can get other people interested then I may consider becoming a distributor.


Mommyto3andahusky said...

Yay!!! I just saw this after I posted the other comment! I think we are on the same team under Bonnie! I will forward you some info to use for your people and if you need help with your blog you can email me! :) YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know how you like everything!!!!!!

Robyn :) said...

I am just a member at this point :)