Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kitchen Cleaning #1

I got a start on cleaning my kitchen (again) today. The first thing I went for was the outside of the microwave. Here's the problem...

I started off with the Basic H mixture(16 ounces water plus 1/4 teaspoon of Basic H).

It got most of it clean, but not those toughest stains. So then I decided to use the Shaklee Degreaser (16 ounces water mixed with 1 1/2 teaspoons of Basic H) for this.

With a little elbow grease it did the trick and now the microwave is clean!!

Now I was ready to re-organize my cookbooks!! First I went through and removed a couple for Goodwill. Then I brought down this basket

It is leftover from when I went to a smaller Entertainment Center. Anyway, all of my cookbooks fit in it

plus a couple extra things

I keep little used, but valuable, cookbooks on the side, plus my mom and grandma's recipe box(which I later cleaned up with the Degreaser) and some recipe cards. I also have measurement conversion charts in this basket.
My recipe binder did not fit in the basket so I put that on the side.

But first I had to clean the countertop.

Basic H took care of most of the mess, but I needed the Degreaser for this

It took it right off, but I could still see a faint stain so I broke out the Scour Off paste

And it got rid of it!!

Clean and organized

I am hoping I have a St Patrick's Day tray from my mom to use. Mine and Miss K's snacks and plasticware sit on there. The milk bottles are for the dairy(so I don't have to pay for new bottles, just the milk). I also cleaned the toaster with the degreaser.

Next I moved on to another part of the counter

After the Basic H, before the degreaser and paste

After the paste

Here it is put together

Under the cloth is my Royal Prestige salad maker thing and vitamins are in the cup cozies. The spray bottle of water is to keep Scout off the counters(ha).

All together

I was going to do the other side of the counter, but was a wee bit tired(okay, a lot bit tired!!).

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