Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kitty Party!!!

On our Ice Day, Miss K and I invited Leah from next door and her cats over to visit. We invited Cody, the dog, too, but he stayed home.

Anyway, Scout was so not thrilled

He does not like female cats.

Miss Belle was a sweetheart. She is the one who had babies last December

And here is one of them....

Little Evie. She was the first kitten born, which I witnessed. Originally her name was Bear, but since she is a Russian Blue(or looks like one) Leah decided to name her Evie after the character Evelyn Salt. And kept her.

After hanging out in the livingroom, Belle ventured downstairs and made herself comfortable in the Safe/Emergency closet(I had left the door open)

Scout settled himself a safe distance away to watch her. He may have been a little put out as I never keep the door open to allow him to lie down in there.

Evie explored, explored, explored!!

Every party has a pooper and he is it!

I guess Evie had too much excitement because she fell asleep!!

Belle had a little cat nap, too

And Scout went upstairs to his favorite spot on my bed to pout

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

awwww! These guys are way more appealing than my cat... who is right now snoring in my ear (hence the unappealing-ness! hehe!) What little darlings!

Did scout do that rubix cube? lol!