Friday, February 18, 2011

Little Blue Goes To Topeka

I decided to take Little Blue on her very first outing this weekend. And what better place for an outing than Topeka???? And what better venue than a scrapbook crop???

Friday afternoon I got my supplies together for the crop

and also got out Little Blue's snazzy carrying case

I decided to take her because I have some card ideas saved on her and also I wanted to be able to look up scrapbook layout ideas. This was assuming the Ramada Inn had WiFi. I also saved some card pictures on my hard drive in case they didn't. Also, I wanted to be able to play on her when taking a break LOL!

Well, wouldn't you know she never made it out of her carrier???? LOL I planned to take her out after dinner, but my ride was tired and I was kinda struggling to keep motivated, so we left early. I did take Little Blue out in the car to upload my photos. I also took a picture of this bunny my friend, Amanda, bought for me on top of her carrying case.

As for the was fun :) We got these goodie baskets..

It was a Mardi Gras theme

I worked hard

Mostly made cards

It seemed like no one brought a regular writing pen so this little dude from Disneyland was much in demand :)

Much better than being stuck in my purse!!

Amanda made our group these goodie bags

We also took 2 hours out to go to the scrapbook store (I got some Easter paper), Michael's(got nothing), Joann's(got a storage tub) and the cupcake shop!!

It was a very nice day :)

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