Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Organization Courtesy of the Dollar Tree

In addition to buying baskets for the pantry, I found some other goodies at Dollar Tree to help me get organized!! Here they are...

Under the sink storage

Carpet and Fabric cleaners in a little red bucket

Cleaners that need to travel(to the bathrooms) in the black bucket

Stuff to use in the kitchen or back-ups( I already had that white wire basket)

Moving on from the sink...

Guess what's in there???

Pot Lids!!!

I already had that canvas tote from the DT but it had been in my linen closet.

Sandwich Fixings(Tote courtesy of my linen closet!!)

Idea courtesy of The Nester!!!!!!

Cutting board storage(another linen closet tote)

I need to get red or yellow to match the kitchen, but it will do for now.

Now to the up up stairs...

Cleaning supplies in the bathroom

The green bowl doubles as a vomit bowl(gross, I know, but that is what it has been used for since I was a kid. It was actually one of the first things I packed up from my mom's house!!)

Hair stuff, wipes and miscellaneous clutter, all in a pretty blue tub

Feminine products!!

This basket was previously on the toilet tank. One day I will spray paint it blue!!

I also got these pretty light blue canvas totes to replace the blue and green ones in my linen closet

Looks like I need one more!! I also use the clear plastic tubs to keep my sheets neat.

Soon I will be doing a room by room tour on my blog so you can see how I do things and there will be more organizational inspiration!!

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