Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh, Shaklee, Where Are You?(UPDATED)

I received an email on Tuesday telling me my Shaklee order had shipped and expected arrival date was yesterday. It did not come. I wonder why?

Surely it wasn't because of this....


I don't blame UPS(or whoever delivers it) for not coming. Even Scout was hesitant to go out.

Until I gave hom a little push hee hee. He headed next door,

but then a gust of wind came and scared him back home!

Aren't kitty footprints the cutest?????

Hopefully the Shaklee comes today. My bathroom sink is in desperate need of a cleaning and I do not want to use my Comet!!

UPDATED: I reread my email and found that it is indeed coming UPS. It also gave a tracking number and link to UPS to track it. It was on the truck in the morning, but delivery was halted due to "emergency conditions beyond UPS' control". It is out for delivery again today :) UPS usually comes around here in the late afternoon.

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