Sunday, February 27, 2011

Revealing Myself

Good evening, all. I have been off searching Bloggerland while watching my favorite profilers solve crimes and get shot and stabbed and whatnot. Anyway, I came across this little fill-in-the-blank thing on one blog I found. I think one of the blogs I follow had it as well. Anyway, here are some things about me..

I am: a wife, cat mom, daughter of heavenly father and friend

I think: entirely too much sometimes

I know: that Heavenly Father loves me. So does my husband. And if my mom could have spared me the pain of losing her she would have

I want: to feel peace and security

I have: a great life

I dislike: felling anxious and depressed

I miss: my mom

I fear: fire and earthquakes and losing loved ones

I feel: tired and a bit down this evening

I hear: the comforting sounds of the TV

I smell: the candle I am burning

I crave: chocolate

I usually: worry about things beyond my control

I search: for new blogs to read

I wonder: what the future holds

I regret: lots of things

I love: my husband

I care: about many things

I am always: a phone call away

I worry: a lot

I remember: useless things

I have: a lot to be thankful for

I dance: rarely anymore

I sing: in the car

I don’t always: count my blessings

I argue: with my husband for sport

I write: for fun

I lose: stuff I need

I wish: probate would be over

I listen: for my cat's footsteps in my room at night

I don't understand: a lot of things

I can usually be found: at work during the day and watching Criminal Minds at night

I am scared: I will lose all that I hold dear

I need: to feel loved and taken care of

I forget: to be thankful

I am happy: to be living this life

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