Friday, February 25, 2011

Scout's Version

My cat would like to offer you his version of events today.

So, likely mommy has told you that she took me to the vet today and that i was a brat, blah blah blah. Let me tell you the REAL story.

First of all, this morning she was all nice to me, cuddling in bed and telling me what a sweet kitty I am. She did mention something about shots, but I figured she was referring to putting milk in little glasses or something.

Then mommy took daddy to work and told me to get myself together. Whatever. I was napping when she came back and she TRICKED me by tempting me with kitty treats!! For shame.

Mommy tried to put me in that awful black bag she calls a carrier, BUT I would not let her. So she put that stupid leash on me. Then she did the unthinkable.


I hate cars!!! I hate driving!!! It's scary!! Of course I cried!! You would, too, it's so awful!

I also do not like the vet because they poke me with needles. So when we went in(I still refused to get in the carrier) I loudly announced my displeasure at being there. Mommy held me in the waiting room and I felt a little better. They let me explore the exam room and took my picture. I sat in a chair just like my mommy!!! Then I sat under it.

I got my stupid shots. They made me tired. And they told mommy that I need my teeth cleaned again. Boo! And since I was so tired they actually got me into that bag, before I remembered I hate it, but then it was too late and I was stuck :(

While mommy was paying and I was trapped in the bag, this lady brought in 2 cats. One was very nice and quiet, but the other was a little kitten and LOUD!!! That cat was SCREAMING!! And although, I couldn't much blame it, it annoyed me and I growled. So there!

I don;t plan on ever going back there.

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