Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Shaklee is Here!!!!

My Shaklee products finally arrived! At close to 5 o'clock(UPS comes late here. I think we are last on their route).

Anyway, I ordered the Get Clean Household Mini Kit.

It included the Basic H cleaner


Scour Off

And spray bottles

My first cleaning project was my upstairs bathroom sink. This is what it looked like

Really, my camera is rather kind

My cat prefers to drink out of here so we keep it filled with water and it stains.

I started off using my Basic H mixture.

It did a good preliminary job, but didn't quite get all of it. So I used some Scour Off

It took off the rest, doing just a good of job as Comet, but without the toxins.

Plus, it smells like cherries(since it is made with cherry pits). And I didn't have to worry about whether I rinsed the sink out enough before Scout drank out of it.

If you are interested in buying any of these products I recommend checking out Toni's site. She is my business leader(I am just a member, though, I am not selling it myself) and is having a special this weekend to benefit Autism Speaks. Go HERE for details.

Today I will be working on my kitchen counters and later this week I will tackle the stove, oven and bathtub!


Amanda said...

WOW That's to many steps for me. I LOVE cleaning but really a mr clean magic eraser and water would have cleaned everything in the pictures in less than half the time it took to use all those spray bottles and paste stuff.

Robyn :) said...

Well, I was kind of experimenting with what would work LOL. Next time I know to go right for the paste LOL

This stuff is all nontoxic.

I do have a stain I will need to try Magic Eraser on . Nothing else worked