Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Day Organization

We got another snow day today. Or as I now like to call these -- Snow Remorse Days. You see, it snowed yesterday. Bad. Continuous snow that started the night before and continued all day. 5 inches when all was said and done. The streets were absolutely horrible. Yet, they did not call a snow day(we have pretty much used the alloted amount up!!). However, last night, they called one for today. I think out of remorse for not calling one yesterday. It is sunny today. It probably would have been okay to go to school today.

Anyway, I decided to take advantage of the day off by doing some more organizing (after sleeping until noon to make up for the 3 hours I got Monday/Tuesday night). It took me less than an hour.

My first project was this food storage closet.

The food was already organized in alphabetical order(and the expired stuff cleaned out) weeks ago, but this needed attention

and especially this

I took everything out and off of it

I ended up finding 2 back up boxes of foil wrap, a box of freezer baking soda and snack and sandwich baggies!!
How do you like my tower of canned food?

Anyway, doesn't this look much better??

I have paper goods on top, plastic storage bags in the middle and back up stuff(what I use currently is in drawers) on the bottom

The whole thing

I put all the cloth bags on one half of the bottom shelf.

The oversize tupperware went in the inside storage room

As did the plastic and paper bags(I use the paper for recylables).

Yesterday at work someone put out these crates for the taking

I knew I would find a use for them.

Remember my pantry reorganization??

Well, this bottom shelf needed some attention


That's where this guy comes in

Waffle maker, paper goods and cup warmer all contained

The grill did not fit in it. The other thing I usually store under there is my crock pot, so I need to find a new home for that. I think it will fit in one of my bottom cabinets.

I had planned to use the black crate as a stepstool in the truck, but it is too flimsy. So I used it here....

Much better.

I also worked on the laundry room cabinets

Not too bad, but it could be better.
My dryer/miscellaneous cabinet

On top are a pitcher, tins, spray paint, bug spray. On the bottom are an iron, stuff for the dryer and the clothesline out back, and a tablecloth to use outside.

My cleaning/laundry cabinet

On top are refills for cleaning and laundry bags in case we ever need them. On the bottom are loose refills and supplies, cleaning cloths, bleach and laundry detergent.

My laundry room

Art wall.

I have this great space above my cabinets but nothing to put there. Any suggestions?

Not bad for 30 minutes of work :)

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