Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This and That

My week has been pretty uneventful so far. I did not have President's Day off. I did enjoy the Criminal Minds "marathon"(they started at 2 and went to midnight) on ION television (they run episodes every week night, too. This is how I am catching up on the series as it only recently became my favorite).

I have Friday off instead, but not because of President's Day. It is a plan day. And technically I can work. But instead I am having lab work done and taking Scout to get his shots.

My Shaklee projects are due to arrive tomorrow so maybe I will go on a cleaning spree!! Starting with the bathroom.

Today was my long day at work, but it didn't seem like it. My friend, Jennifer, of The Vegan Bees brought me some Veganaise to try. It is good. Tastes more like Miracle Whip than mayo, but that's okay. I am slowly trying to introduce more natural and healthier alternatives into my diet. I will not be becoming a Vegan, but I do want to make healthier meals. I also will only drink milk that comes from our local dairy and eggs from my firend, Laurie, or the chicken farm. The more stuff I can buy knowing where I came from the better :) I also like soy and rice milk as alternatives. And have discovered Earth Balance butter alternative(thanks again to Jennifer. I will still use real butter for certain things(I NEVER use margarine. Not since someone told me it was one molecule structure away from plastic. The unnatural yellow color always freaked me out, too), but the nondairy stuff tastes pretty good!

Right now I am watching my ABC comedies -- The Middle and Better With You and after that I switch to CBS for an all new episode of... Criminal Minds!! Ok, literally, between, Ion, A&E, CBS, and NBC(they show an episode late saturday night) I can watch it EVERY SINGLE DAY, And I do. At some point I will get sick of it :)

Tomorrow we are having a Winter Weather Advisory of snow, sleet, freezing rain and wind. Accumulating 1-4 inches of...something. I don't think we will get a snow day out of it, though, unless maybe the roads are super icy in the morning.

Isn't my life exciting???

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