Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tri-Level Home Tour 2011 -- Craft Room

Welcome to my home!!! I am going to give you a tour of my craftroom today.

We will go clockwise

This is my memory wall

This white shelf was brought back from my mom's house. It holds my picture boxes.

On top is a 1930's typewriter(with a picture of my mom), my dad's family and more picture boxes. In the frame is a poem my Aunt Lou wrote about my dad's roses.

On the wall

A picture of me when I was 2(it hung in my parents' bedroom), pictures of me and TJ, pictures of me and my dad, tapestry my cousin Claudia made for my grandma in 1977(it has birthdays and anniversaries of her, her kids and grandkids), and a family portrait.

Family pictures(outside the boxes and in), vintage snoopy and woodstock toys, miscellaneous stuff in the drawers

Album shelf

Working wall

Stuff I use to create

Top of my dresser

Picture collage of me my dad kept in his den, pictures of me at 4 and 30, a binder I am still putting together of layout ideas from magazines, page protectors, and finished layouts needing an album.

I like to label my drawers

Top--stuff to be framed or fixed

Middle-- Picture negatives and slides!! And old 8mm home movies

Bottom-- frames!!(I actually had more, but purged them)

On top -- card and page kits I have assembled

Cutting tools and punches

Stamping supplies(except ink--that gets stored by color)

Other crafting supplies like markers, glue guns, and paint

The Hutch!!

Top shelf-- card supplies and embellishments

Middle shelf-- Journals and stories I have written plus pens and pencils, scissors, etc

Botton shelf-- basket of pictures and stuff to be scrapbooked or put away, picture of my friend, Tara and something she made me, old cigar humidor with adhesive in it, strawberry box with fruit themed embellies, and a box with scrapbooking and card magazines.

Top drawer-- empty albums and page refills

Middle drawer-- stuff to be scrapbooked (separated by year)

Bottom drawer-- stuff for theme albums

Color organizer!!

All my solid color or printed papers, scraps, embellishments, ink, stickles, stickers, etc are in these drawers, by color. Pens are on top.


I bought it for $5 at the post wide yard sales last year. The tray on top is kind of a catch all. I use a Cricut mat to work on and the other to use with my friend's Cricut. Underneath is my crop tub(from Donna, She also made the tissue box cover on top) filled with stuff to transport supplies to crops), and paper organizers. And my paper recyle box.

Scout's chair

This chair belonged to my aunt and uncle. I have used it in livingrooms, bedroom and now the craftroom. I recently bought the sheet covering it at DAV thrift store. I made the pillow.

Sewing Center

I keep fabric and supplies in the drawers. One day I hope to have a small portable machine on top :) The cat was painted by my Aunt Alice. I did the picture above in college.


Card organizer on door.

Peek inside

Tubs with stuff of mine, my mom and dad's, grandma and Aunt Lou. I also have some paperwork in there. Knitting supllies in a pink tote, writing stuff, Christmas albums in another pink tote and wrapping supplies. And reusable craft shopping bags.
Holiday craft supplies on the shelf, plus bigger size empty albums

Carebear wall!!

On the wall are pictures of my cousins, Melissa and Laura, who are like sisters to me and Melissa's wedding photo and her daughter. I put paper behind them, but it is coming down!!

My biggest and oldest carebear and more craft supplies

Clear bags, feathers and a couple things to decorate

Jars and bottles to decorate

Other stuff

Carebear collection

Now, I realize that my organization methods will not work for everyone, but they work for me. Also, as you can see, this room is not just for crafting, it also a room for my memories. The matching furniture pieces(dresser, hutch and nightstand) are all from my bedroom back home.
Crafting is in my blood. My mom and dad were both crafters. My mom made ornaments with my grandma before I was born and did other little crafts. My dad did woodwork, leathercrafting and paint by numbers. He also had a very impressive model train set up. He had his own room in our house to work on his hobbies(except for the woodworking -- that was in the garage!). We called it his den.

Thank you for visiting!!!


Kim said...

And do you have any pics of the hubby with his family?

Kim said...

Deletedeletedelete....I just realized the idiocy of that statement. :)

Robyn :) said...

LOL!! They are in the livingroom. We only have a few pictures of TJ's family and when he was young. His sister went through a box one day and gave me a few. I wish we had more. I have pictures of me and TJ in that room. If he would ever get his army/spare room clean I could copy some of his family pictures and put them in there!!

Kim said...

You know to store ink face down, right?

Robyn :) said...