Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tri-Level Home Tour 2011 -- Livingroom

We finally got our giant entertainment center delivered to its new home with our friends and I cleaned up a bit and put decorations up so I thought this would be a good time to give you a tour!!

Come on in.....

This is the main or middle level of our house.

Office corner

I really don't like how this is set up, but have tried many different ways and this was the best configuration. The filing cabinet and matching shelf were my mom's. The tray shelf in the middle has been used in multiple rooms(I can't even remember where I got it or when!!). It is now used as a place to put the laptops if we want a desk or a spot for Scout to sit and look out the window. The paper bag on the floor is for recylables. I need to shop somewhere I can get a more attractive bag LOL. The green flat tub is for paying bills. There is a wooden tray on the tray shelf for mail and bills and stuff to file. On the wall is a board for displaying stuff and some motorcycle inspired artwork :)


Scout's bed/house/toy box, TJ's tool box and a tote for toys in case little ones come over. Plus, Miss K plays with stuff in there.

Streamlined Entertainment Center

This was upstairs in the spareroom. I got it from my aunt and uncle when I moved into my apartment in Florida. It was sitting in their garage. TJ bought the TV when he first came to Fort Riley. We have our cable box and PS2 under it, plus a basket with stuff under it and then TJ's movie and CD collections under that and a tote with PS2 stuff and a little basket for the remotes. There is a cabinet underneath for another toat that has misc stuff in it. I ended up with 2 extra totes as well.

Reclining rocker

Piled with TJ's stuff. We clean it off when we need it LOL!! Little end table next to it. And our livingroom lamp.

End table.

This one came from my mom's.

TJ's corner.

I let him keep it messy since you can't really see it unless you walk over there

Couch in working order

We usually have the middle console down. I keep throws on it for Scout to sit on.

End table

Another from my mom. It holds Little Blue and decorations. Underneath is computer accessories and software. The green tote was one of the leftovers from the EC.

Red Desk Chair

This is the only piece of red furniture TJ would agree to let me buy :) She really doesn't have a place anymore. She is mostly used as a coat and purse holder!! She can be used in the desk area if we need her or in the sitting area if we need her there :)


Another from my mom. It is awesome. Holds all our books, plus my DVD's and some knick knacks. Good for decorations, too. I made the picture on the left in 5th grade art and took the picture on the right.

Credenza with stereo!

Came from my mom and matches the bookcase. Holds games neatly on the shelves. In the cabinet are children's books.

Bonus picture..

Bags(and a basket-- EC leftover) of stuff to be put in other rooms.

Hope you enjoyed!! Next time we will either look at decorations OR my dinigroom :)

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