Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Decor -- Livingroom

I don't have a lot of Valentine decor, but I do have a good amount, I think. Just enough to make the place unobtrusively festive.

Bead heart

Scrapbook frame/bulletin board

Kissing bears

Last Valentine card from my mom and a vintage decoration I have had since childhood

She was displayed year-round in my room growing up AND she plays music.

Vintage card I bought at Garden Gate Antiques

Gift from hubby last year

Scrapbook I made at a class

Scrapbook of hubby and me, Bible, and an album of family(I put it out because of the colors)

Vintage motorcycle on a lace doily

Ok, yes, it has a Christmasy pattern, BUT it also makes great V-Day decor!!

Poster and baskets with pictures

I tried to arrange the baskets with the pictures next to them(on different end tables) and NOTHING looked right, so I put the pictures IN the baskets!!

End table with stuffed animals from TJ and a vintage decoration

Yes, the paper decoration from Hallmark does not stand up anymore without leaning, BUT it is older than me and I can't give it up

Wood heart in the stairwell

I am still working on the diningroom. Tomorrow I will have a post with what is going on in the craftroom :)

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