Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekly Challenge #2 -- Launch Pad

This week, on a Bowl Full of Lemons, the challenge is to create a Launch Pad.

No, not a place to launch a rocket, silly, but a place to launch your life out the door or in!

A launch pad is ideally a place near your door where you can keep the things you need when you leave the house like keys, shoes, purses, wallets, coats, etc. It is also a place to "catch" these things when you come in. Plus maybe other things like mail or purchases.

I, unfortunately, do not have a spacious entrance or foyer or mudroom or the like so my launch pad has to be right in the livingroom. Prior to this challenge I think I inadvertantly created one!

It is my office area...

The mail goes in a tray...

My purse goes on top of the bill tub...

(although having it in front of the window probably isn't the brightest idea)

I always try to hang my coats in the closet now, but most often they end up on here..

which is my secondary launch pad(hey, if it is not being used as a chair it might as well be used for something!!) I guess if I keep it in the office area it can become part of the launch pad :)

My husband has his very own launch pad...

Try as I might, I cannot break him of dumping stuff here! So I allow it unless we have company. There is actually a canvas tote nearby for a quick storage LOL)

And our keys are supposed to have their very own launch pad by the door, but we always forget.

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