Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bathroom Cabinet Organization

I have two days off this week and am using the time to do some more organizing. My first project is re-organizing my bathroom cabinets. I started with a trip to Dollar Tree (thanks Amanda!!) for some pretty blue plastic baskets for the "big" cabinet and some plain white wire ones for the medicine cabinet. This is my upstairs(or blue) bathroom.


This is actually "organized" LOL

This is after I cleaned it out a couple weeks ago!! Also "organized"


The top shelf has little used medicine and in the basket cold medicine, middle shelf has first aid in basket, a couple other pills and cough syrup. Bottom shelf is stuff for pain.

Details on what is in the "blue" cabinet
Body spray, powder and deodorant

Bath oils and gel

What I keep my makeup in

Makeup brushes and hair stuff. I got the little vase holding the brushes at Walmart for a buck.

Lotions and creams and more bath stuff. Plus I can take the little basket out.

Feminine needs

TJ's stuff

Soap and more bath stuff

Baby oil, shaving stuff and sunscreen

Hair products

Candles and a book for taking a bath.

I have a basket on my toilet for hair stuff and then a catch-all basket for jewelry and hair clips

I just need to make some labels for the baskets now.

I also did the downstairs(or pink) guest bathroom.



Top shelf has first aid stuff, middle has cold remedies and the bottom is pain medications (and foot powder).

Scout wanted you to know he "helped"

Empty boxes in my pink wastebasket

Did you know that Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds has one just like it?

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Leanne said...

I like how you contained everything in baskets. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.