Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bathroom Cleaning

I did some cleaning in the downstairs bathroom on Sunday, too. The downstairs bathroom is also known as the guest bathroom or the pink bathroom. It is also the bathroom of choice for my husband, as it has a counter(upstairs bathroom does not).

Anyway, apparently he was working with something dirty, washed his hands, then wrung them to cause this


Basic H took care of it

Rust stain


We have also had this really sticky weird stuff on the edge of the counter (and nothing I tried before got it off).

The Scour Off paste took care of that!!

The toilet had been in the line of fire as well

I got it clean

Pretty countertop (plus I decluttered by taking out 2 square pink candles for the)

I carry my supplies in this Dollar Tree bucket

I found the microfiber cloths in the front closet(a miracle, let me tell you!!). I think TJ bought or won them for his bike, but there were 8 so I took a few!

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