Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bringing My Husband Into My TV Addiction

My husband professes to not be a fan of Criminal Minds like I am, but since I watch it so much and he is usually in the room as well, he watches it almost as much as me. He likes to comment on the show as well, sometimes. He is quite concerned with the blue bullet proof vests they wear that say FBI. He thinks they make them too noticeable and don't offer enough protection LOL

I noticed today that TJ has gone from calling Reid "The Doctor" to "The Genius" LOL. I think that's because I explained to him at one point that Reid is not a medical doctor, but holds several Ph.d's

Also, at the end of one episode today both TJ and I were both "talking to" Reid saying "call her". Repeatedly. Like I would say it, then TJ would. We were actually commenting on a good deal of the episode. TJ was quite concerned with Reid's gun getting wet in the pool. Apparently that can really mess up the bullets and shooting.

Perhaps I am turning TJ into a fan, after all :) Or, at the very least, an involved viewer.

TJ still does not see the resemblance between him and Reid :)


Kim said...

LOL! How funny!

Robyn :) said...

I do watch his shows with him as well like American Chopper.