Friday, March 11, 2011

The Continuing Adventures of Toots

This Toots Adventure was suggested by KIM. For more info about Toots go HERE.

After leaving the mean humans who wanted to kill him, Toots thought about heading home. But he was still gassy and he knew the woodland animals would still pass out and not be able to play. He was walking along the rode when something big and shiny caught his eye.

A Harley Davidson Motorcycle!!

"I can ride a motorcycle!" thought Toots. "And no one will be able to hear or smell my gassy emmissions!"

Toots was right. The sound of the motorcycle engines drowned out the sound of his gas and no one could smell him because of the bike smells. Plus, the bikers were much nicer and would not harm an innocent little snake.

Toots was having a good, yet gassy, time cruising along on a bike. Until everyone stopped at a diner for a meal.

"What is that smell??" everyone asked.

Tell-tale little puffs of air were coming from Toots' behind. The diner owner kicked him and the bikers out. The bikers told Toots he would not be able to ride with them anymore.

So Toots went on his gassy way looking for another adventure.

What should Toots do next? Also, I will be looking for a Toots stuffed animal or be drawing a picture of him :) And in case you are wondering.....snakes CAN fart!!

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