Sunday, March 13, 2011

Country Living

On Friday after school I took Miss K to Hildebrand Dairy Farms. I first learned about this place a couple years ago when one of the teachers at school invited them to talk to her class and they brought samples and it was put in the lounge refrigerator for the staff to enjoy as well. I had some of their chocolate milk and it was the best chocolate milk I ever tasted!!! I started going regularly to get my milk. I like getting my milk there because I know it is coming straight from there, plus they pasteurize it themselves. You pay a deposit for the bottle, plus the cost of milk and when you bring the bottles back to get another you only pay the cost of milk. They also sell cheese, local meat, K-State icecream and some other stuff. Plus soft serve icecream :) And eggs from a local farm. I always try to buy local when I can because that way I know where things are coming from.

Anyway, while Miss K and I were enjoying our soft serve outside, a truck drove by and the guy waved at us. Miss K asked if I knew him and I told her no. I went on to explain that out in the country(where we were) people are generally really friendly and will wave at you even if they don't know you. This was repeated a couple times on our way back to town :)

I love living near "the country". I love being able to drive out to a farm to get my milk and eggs. I love that people are so friendly.

I have branched out on my milk buying. I am now a convert to Braum's Fat Free as well. I was informed that it comes from farms in Oklahoma and they are committed to not using hormones. Yay!! I also buy rice and soy milk. I get my eggs either from the dairy or the chicken farm (which is where the dairy gets theirs) or my friend, Laurie.

I also like buying my fruits and veggies from Farmer's Markets. Unfortunately, here in the midwest, they are only around from May to October. I am really wanting to learn to can so I can still have local fruits and veggies all year long!! I have also bought eggs at the Farmer's Market.

Where do you buy milk/eggs/fruit/veggies/etc? Are you loyal to certain stores or brands?

I also want to take a moment to welcome my new followers (one just joined in the last hour!!). Thanks for following me :)

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That corgi :) said...

that is great that you are buying products that are organic/hormone free! so much more healthier I do believe!!

great that it is coming into the season of Farmer's Market where you are; another great way to get healthy food!

we are "sticks in the mud" buying most of our stuff from grocery stores :)

enjoy the week ahead!