Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dogsitting Day 1

So far the dogs are doing great. They are very well behaved. They love to explore the house. Piper sometimes tries to take our seats, but get down when we tell her. They slept all night in their crates without a peep. TJ has been taking them on walks to do their business and they met Cody from next door. The three all got along.

Scout has now taken to hiding in the back of my closet. He did have free reign of the house last night(except the kitchen and laundry room), but mostly slept with me, as usual :) While we were in Manhattan for a Fun Walk this morning we kept the dogs in the kitchen and laundryroom(non crated, though we left it open for them to nap) and Scout could walk around the house. I think he stayed in the closet. I did take him downstairs this morning to see the dogs in their crates. He hissed and growled, BUT the dogs did not bark or whine. Just stood up and looked at him. We also let Scout outside for a few minutes. I am hoping that eventually he will trust the dogs more and be willing to hang out with them.

This afternoon we are going to Topeka. We are trying to decide whether to let them stay out in the house or put them back in kitchen and laundry room.


That corgi :) said...

hope whatever you decided when you went to Topeka worked. Its hard to know their routine unless your friends told you what works when they leave them alone. For us, we crate Koda when we leave (but we are never gone for more than 5-6 hours tops) because it is safer for him to be crater than roaming the house causing trouble. He knows when we go, he goes into his crate and sleeps until we come back (and it is a good size crate, he has plenty of room).

glad day 1 is under the belt; 8 more to go! Scout may never forgive you though....


Robyn :) said...